About us

Pre-Owner and Consultant, Shu-ling Garver

Shu-ling Garver has retired as a senior engineer at Intel Corporation after 25 plus years of service in Portland, Ore. Shu-ling received her M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from Oregon Graduate Institute, B.S. in Computer Science from Portland State University and a B.A. in English Literature from Shanghai Foreign Languages Institute.

Shu-ling is devoted to help our next generation to generate more engineers. Especially, she wants to help young girls to understand that engineering and science are not just for boys. She is an inspiration to other engineers and future engineers.

- CNN Money News online in March 2013: Executive by day, entrepreneur by night;
- CNN Money News online in February 2015: From street child in China to Intel mentor
- Entrepreneur.com October 2013:Intel Engineer Shares Her Passion With the Next Generation

Xizhen( Emily)  Palmer,  Director in Marketing and Owner

For years I’ve been seeking an opportunity that inspires me and makes the world a better place. The Engineer for kids' program environment and mission is what I have been seeking in my life.  “We are proud to inspire children to build on their natural curiosity by teaching engineering concepts through hands-on learning..” I've worked as a professional buyer for 11 years. This included working at Boeing, Xerox and Costco wholesale under the international supply chain operation management environment.  I’m excited to have left my prior position and became a full time educator last year. This adventure started as a way to help my two kids learn Chinese.  I don't want my two kids to miss their best opportunity to learn a second language. I have researched the better ways to learn Chinese and practiced with my kids when I pursed my master degree in education, a curriculum and instruction program in Portland State university. The best results come from making it fun to learn.